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Preparing for your visit

About Cancer Treatments

Chemotherapy Side Effects

Here are a list of helpful hints that that we hope will make the treatment you receive as comfortable as possible:

  • Take all your medications as prescribed unless instructed otherwise

  • Make sure to eat a light healthy meal before you come for your treatment.  You may bring any food or snacks.  We do have a refrigerator in the office.

  • You may bring your favorite Blanket with you on treatment day (we do provide blankets)

  • It is encouraged to bring a companion with you especially for your first day of treatment.  We will be going over treatment, side effects and giving you instructions and it is useful to have a second pair of ears listening.  You will notified if your treatment includes Benadryl which may sedate you.

  • We have WiFi capability so you may bring your tablet, laptop, ipad etc.  If you use audio, please use headphones as a curtesy to the other patients.

  • You may bring needlework, books, crossword puzzles, games, newspapers etc.

  • We have a water cooler in the infusion rooms

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