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Patient Stories

I had a very good consult and visit with Dr Cuevas today.  He has a tremendous bedside manner.  He showed himself to be very intelligent, informative and compassionate.  We were very impressed and delighted to be working with him. Having had cancer and other severe illnesses myself I can honestly say this was the most impressive initial visit of any physician I have ever had.  We are excited to have the chance to be with him.

My original diagnosis came with all the normal emotions associated with devastating news.  Dr. H was very direct with the prognosis and planned treatment.  Because the biopsy revealed a genetic match for a newer med routine, Dr. H was able to assign a specific regimen tailored to my cell structure.  In two weeks from the first the therapy routine, I was showing an overall reduction of tumor sizes in all areas.  The rate of improvement and healing has been miraculous.  At the half way point in the routine we saw an 80 - 100% reduction or elimination of the disease.  The SLCC team only compliment the excellent and professional approach by Dr. H.  My family and I will be forever grateful.

​       -- Lindell Bates

St. Louis Cancer Care has become part of my family.  My wife, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, after getting multiple opinions, chose Dr. Cuevas to direct her treatments.  She had 6 treatment sessions, which were every three weeks.  I attended each session, and became familiar with Dr. Cuevas, and the wonderful team at the office in the St. Lukes's location.  She finished her last chemo session about a year ago.  In Feb of this year, I was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer.  I had surgery and was referred to an oncologist.  I sought a second opinion from Dr. Cuevas.  While the treatment direction was similar, I chose Dr. Cuevas and team as I felt that he focuses on not just the tumor, or the disease, but on the whole person, and even the impacted family.  I will get chemo treatments every two weeks for 6 months.  I see Dr. Cuevas every other visit.  On EVERY visit though, I see his wonderful team.  From Sally at the front desk, to the excellent nursing staff of Debbie and Elizabeth, I feel cared for and important.  Even if the infusion room is full, Debbie makes every single patient, and their caregivers fell important and a priority.  I know I made the right choice in coming to St. Louis Cancer Care.  My wife  and I never would have suspected that our relationship with Dr. Cuevas's care team would have lasted this long, but I know I am getting both the best quality care, and the best caring care.

            -- Jeff Levitt

Seven years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer the second time, I was referred to St. Louis Cancer Care. My first visit my family was impressed with Dr. Hildreth's relaxed way of talking to us.  He listened to us and was very easy to communicate with. We left feeling assured that everything would be okay.  As I started treatment and met Dr. Allen and the staff, while being very professional, they create a very comfortable atmosphere around the office.  When my husband was diagnosed with cancer Dr. Hildreth came to the hospital from his Sunset Hills office that same afternoon.  When he left he had given us enough information to make us feel very positive about Bill's future.  When we leave the office, the receptionist has all future appointments set up along with any future tests and all instructions for the tests leaving us worry free.  A cancer diagnosis is very scary.  Bill and I have found that St. Louis Cancer Care is a strong advocate for Cancer patients

       -- Mary S Ondr

​Since being diagnosed with terminal cancer, I have never felt so alive thanks to Dr. Pillot and my Family of professionals at St. Louis Cancer Care.  Throughout my time here I have always been treated as an individual not just professionally but personally.  the St. Louis Care Care staff really understands me and works diligently at making me a part of my total care process.  Dr. Pillot always takes the time to explain my status and to keep me informed of the latest scientific developments in the treatment of cancer.  I may come in feeling down but I always leave with a smile.  I am truly blessed to be a part of the St. Louis Cancer Care family. 

         -- Don Golaszewski

Excellent medical care by Dr. Cuevas and staff.
Equally thorough and caring assistance by the entire office staff including phone.
Receptionists, nurses and all allied health staff were professional, courteous and caring.
Thanks for all your help.

     -- Carlos Maitz, MD

My experience at St. Louis Cancer Care has been positive. While battling cancer and all the treatments, the doctors, the nurses and staff have all been professional and personable.  
They did not overwhelm me with too much information, but addressed each situation as it arose.  No question is unimportant to them, they take time to answer them all.
I would highly recommend St. Louis Cancer Care if ever faced with the big C.

     -- Rebecca Christante

My husband and I have both had cancer and were recommended to go to Dr. Hildreth.  The experience has been anything but traumatic.  He and his staff have been fantastic! He is very thorough, is very up-to-date on research and knowledgeable.  The staff is always there to answer any questions.  I would recommend this group to anyone who has cancer.

          --  Gerri Accardi

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