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Preparing for your visit

Second Opinions

When fighting something as life- changing as cancer, you want to be completely certain about your treatment plan and comfortable with your treatment team.  Many patients find that the amount of information they have to process during such an emotional time is overwhelming.  Having a second opinion can be valuable to make you completely confident in your personalized plan of care and make sure you understand it completely

We offer second opinion services reviewing your overall plan of care- surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, a nutrition support plan, physical therapy and rehabilitation services and others.  Many patients find that reviewing their care plan a second time is an invaluable experience.  We will work with your personal cancer physicians in a coordinated way so that you get the best care possible.

For patients of our practice that feel they would benefit from a second opinion, we assist in locating the most highly respected national and international experts to assist in your care.  We can arrange for all your case records to be sent and will personally discuss your case with the consulting physician, so you can focus on healing.

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