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Our Mission

The St. Louis Cancer Care Difference


We believe that medical oncology is an outpatient- based specialty; that ideally all cancer related care is provided in the outpatient office setting with a minimum of inpatient care.  We think you should be spending your time living your life, spending time with your family and friends, NOT in the hospital.

We strive to minimize your side effects to avoid the need for the ER or the hospital. We create a personal supportive care plan designed just for you to help you through your therapy.

When inpatient care is necessary, we personally and directly coordinate our patients’ care utilizing hospitalists to maximize efficiency and decrease length of inpatient stays.

Role of the Medical Oncologist
As the only cancer specialists specifically fully trained first in general internal medicine, we have expertise in the global management of the patient and their health.  We view ourselves as a component of the primary care team for cancer patients, managing the entire spectrum of cancer care:

   Assistance with diagnostic testing and directing staging
   Preoperative counseling
   Managing adjuvant therapy
   Surveillance, survivorship, and health promotion
   Palliative Management

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