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Why Use an Independent Oncology Practice?

When you see your cancer specialist, you want to know that they are fighting for you and only you.  Many practices are owned by hospitals, health plans, or large specialty groups.  

In a hospital- based practice, services are often far more expensive than in an independent oncology practice.  You may be billed not just for physician services, but also an additional separate bill from the hospital for additional "facility fees." 

In a hospital- based practice, patients and their physicians often feel held "captive" to the hospital services, and cannot go outside their hospital regardless of convenience, quality, or cost.  As an independent practice, we have complete flexibility as to which resources we utilize; we can use independent laboratory or radiology services, significantly lowering the cost to you.  

In an independent practice, we have the freedom to be totally focused on you and making sure you receive the best care possible.  We will work with you to make sure that you see the most appropriate specialists .  Our focus is on your healing; therefore, when additional consultation or specialty care is needed, we will arrange and manage this referral, no matter where it is, so you will get the best care you need.  We work with physicians at both the major university cancer centers in St Louis.  We will even work with research cancer centers out of state and have coordinated care for our patients at major centers as far away as Maryland and Texas.

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